Let your stories, your knowledge and your talent melt together with great designs and become extremely cool wondermags. Share them with the world. Be rewarded.

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Dear Bloggers and all you Creative Rebels:
Now you profit from sharing your content.

People love to consume your content. We think you should be rewarded for that. With our Self-Publishing Platform for digital magazines you turn your texts, images and videos into multimedia wondermags and publish them. The wonderful part: besides getting recognition you can make real money.

"Ka-Ching!" You will love this sound.

  • Amelie Kahl

    girlboss at

    "As an editor at amazed, I know how important it is to have high-quality content presented in an eye-catching way. Wondermags is a great tool to appreciate content by giving it the right stage."

    Amelie Kahl at wondermags
  • Veit Lindau


    "As an expert for self-realization it is especially important for me to have a certain connection with my readers. With wondermags I can reach them with all the diversity of my content. Only real life is closer."

    Veit Lindau at wondermags
  • Leo Martin


    "As an ex-agent and bestselling author I know many of the secret weapons in communication. wondermags is one of them. It allows me to create an interactive reading experience. Mission accomplished!"

    Leo Martin at wondermags
  • Marco Eisenack

    Founder of Mucbook

    "As a journalist and media-entrepreneur I am always looking for innovative ideas to present digital content attractively. wondermags offers new approaches to do that. Great tool - for MUCBOOK and its fans."

    Marco Eisenack at wondermags


wondermags is super-easy.

Create high-quality, multimedia and interactive wondermags in our intuitive web-editor by using handcrafted design templates.

Your content is king. So give it a crown.


wondermags is free.

Use the full power of our ingenious web-editor. It's completely free. Publish your wondermags to our kiosk. Enthuse the community with your stories and gain more followers.

Make your readers become fans.


wondermags earns you money.

Offer your wondermags for free or determine a price. You always get 50% of the net selling price when your wondermags gets bought.

  • The perfect reading experience.
    Created by you.

    Experience the easiest and most professional web-editor for non-professionals.
    Give your content the appearance it deserves: Eye-catching with a
    "Wow-this-is-one-kickass-wondermag" effect.

  • A hundred times beautiful.
    Select your Template.

    Whether you want to create a tutorial, a travel journal, a report or whatever you’re up to: for every purpose there is a wonderful, handcrafted design template.

    Select a Template Screen - Wondermags Editor
  • Everyone is a designer.
    Edit your template.

    Simply modify your design template with texts, images, video, audio, maps and other cool interactive features. Relax: there are no technical hurdles standing in your way.

    Canvas - Wondermags Editor
  • Gain new readers.
    Publish your wondermag.

    Forget about ugly, rigid, old-school PDFs. Publish real digital wondermags to our kiosk. Give your audience the best interactive reading experience. And the best part: all property rights belong to you.

    Magazine - Wondermags Viewer

Get started now.

In just 3 easy steps.

  1. Head on over to the wondermags kiosk and log in or register to create your account.
  2. Create your very own wondermag.
  3. Publish to the kiosk and promote your magazine.
Let's go!

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