Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for all

What exactly is wondermags?

wondermags is one of a kind! Nope that is not a slogan – it is the truth.
Otherwise we would have called it revolutionary ;) It is the only self-publishing platform for digital magazines that combines creation, distribution, and monetization in one system. On wondermags, everyone with cool content can create interactive wondermags, publish them on our Kiosk and earn money with it. Readers can expect the best stories of the best independent bloggers and authors.

Why should I create an account on wondermags?

Because only then will you enjoy the full experience and benefit from all the services of this great platform. You can follow authors and rate their wondermags and … well, there is no reason not to register! So: Do it!

Why should I read wondermags?

wondermags offers you a completely new reading-experience. No more rigid, old-school PDFs thanks to interactive content such as videos, audios, maps, etc. Enter the multifaceted, exciting world of the authors. You will get premium, independent content from your favourite bloggers and connect with them. wondermags is all about communication. Be part of our community and Be wonderful.

What topics are there on wondermags?

All that are good. At the moment we have authors that are experts in: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Communication, Economy… and every day, we get more authors. Maybe you are an expert in something too? You want to create content around your knowledge? Become an Author!

Is wondermags for free?

Yep: Using the wondermags platform is free. Authors do not pay to create wondermags and readers can use all features without paying a cent. Published wondermags can be purchased for free or for a price defined by the author.

Do I have to pay for all wondermags?

No. Authors determine whether their wondermag is for free or if it comes with a price. Thay also determine the price, this may vary depending on the author, the subject and the scope.

How do I know if I will like a wondermag before purchasing it?

To give you a first impression, you will find a detail page for each wondermag in our kiosk. Here you get its description, see how other readers rated it and get a preview of some of the pages.

What payment system does wondermags use?

wondermags uses PayPal.

What information does wondermags need from me?

For now, you can register easily with your name and e-mail in order to read free wondermags. At the moment of purchase, you need to provide your Paypal data through their secure platform.

Can I print my wondermag?

No. wondermags are unique due to the diversity of digital presentation options. It's the videos, the audio files, the interactive maps, the checklists and other cool features that put the “wonder” into the “mags”. They are made to offer real added value to readers and present them with the best reading experience for web and mobile. If it were possible to print them, we would call them PDFs not wondermags. ;)

Can I read a wondermags offline?

Not yet. But soon. We are working on it.

Can I bookmark my wondermags?

Sure. You can bookmark a wondermag and purchase it at a later time.

Can I rate a wondermag?

Yes, as a registered user and after purchasing a wondermag, you can rate and write a review about it. This is cool for other readers as they will benefit from your experience and get a better insight into the wondermag. Also, it can be very useful for the author to get a direct feedback, which allows him to create even better wondermags.

I forgot my password – what do I do?

Relax, it happens to the best of us. Just go to the kiosk, click the Login button and request a new one from the "Forgot password" button just below the Password field. Follow the instructions and you're good to go. #aseasyasthat

How can I change my password or e-mail address?

In the kiosk, click on your name on the top right corner and go to settings. Here, you can change your password, your e-mail address and the language of the website.

How can I change my personal information?

If you want to change your display name or other personal information, log in to your account and click on your name on the top right corner. Under "My profile" you will find all the current information and have the possibility to edit it.

How can I delete my account?

For real? You really want to say goodbye? Well, if you really want to break up, then send a racing pigeon on a full moon to Luxembourg. If you don’t have a bird at hand, an e-mail will do.
Send it to our support at:

FAQs for Authors

Why should I become an author?

Because the world is waiting for your awesome wondermags! Because it’s fun and looks good. Because you are entering a circle of great authors and bloggers. And not to forget, because you can make Ka-Ching! More reasons why you should become an author are here: become an author

Who can become an author?

Everyone can become an author. We are not bound to any specific topic and you also don’t need to have an enormous reach. BUT: You should have good content! wondermags is about to become the best platform for digital publishing! wondermags is about exciting, mostly exclusive content from all different kinds of topics. Content is king. Give it a crown.

How do I become an author?

Just create an account or log in if you already have one. Click on your name on the top right corner where you will see a "Create Mag" button. This will take you to the Editor where you can start creating wondermags as soon as you've excepted the Terms & Conditions.

When will I start earning money with wondermags?

As soon as someone buys your wondermag. Here's a tip: promote your wondermags as musch as possible, the more people know about your wondermags the more chances you have of making money. KA-CHING!

How much money can I earn with wondermags?

As an author you have the possibility to either offer your wondermags for free or to define a price for them. You will always get 50% of the net selling price that you define.

Am I allowed to integrate my own advertisements?

Of course. You can integrate adverts, affiliate links etc. in your wondermag. The revenue you make with this is all yours. #wellthatsoundsgreat

How much money can I charge for a wondermag and which content sells the best?

Well, that's actually two questions in one. Plus it's something only you can answer as it's you who defines the selling price of your wondermag. Depending on the type of content you integrate, the price can vary.
Ask yourself this question: what would you spend your money on? A wondermag with 20 pages of exclusive content is surely worth more than a small wondermag only reusing existing content from your blog. It will be interesting to see what readers are willing to pay for and how much. We have made pricing easier for you with price tiers going from 0.99€ (easy peasy) to 89.99€ (well that's ambitious).
Here are three tips to help you set a price for your wondermag:

Tip 1. Only publish exclusive content.
These are the wondermags people are most likely to pay for, as they cannot find this content anywhere else. Maybe you have always had great ideas for articles but did not want to publish them for free? Well, go create a wondermag and define its price (no need to put a 10€ price tag on it though) and see what happens! Good and exclusive content sells best!

Tip 2. Mixed: exclusive content meets existing content.
The best of both worlds. This model has the advantage that (compared to 1.), you will have to put less effort in creating the wondermag. Nevertheless, you are still offering the reader added value by including exclusive content. This alternative works especially well if you want to create a topic-specific wondermag. Bundle existing articles from your blog and enrich them with new content. You can still justify the price for this wondermag – although it might not be as high as for a wondermag with only exclusive content.

Tip 3. Only existing content.
This model will restrict you in the price setting of your wondermag. It is quite hard to justify a price for something the reader can actually find for free on the internet. Of course you can still do it. For example, you could create a best of about a specific topic. You can bundle the best articles on a specific topic, work them up and build your wondermag with them. The price in that case is justified by the fact that the reader saves time as he doesn’t have to search for the content on your blog. But compared to 1. and 2., this model will probably lead to the smallest earnings.

Does the content in my wondermag have to be exclusive?

No. You decide which content you want to use in your wondermag. You are the expert when it comes to understanding what your readers are interested in and what they would spend money on. It’s up to you.

What about content rights?

You own the rights on your content. We only obtain the right to use it for marketing purposes and to sell your wondermag for you in the context of our services. Copyright and ownership remain with you. We are not a publishing house ;)

Who is responsible for the content in the wondermags and who is liable for it?

As you are keeping all the rights to your content, it is also you that is fully responsible for it. We may eventually check your wondermag regarding our guidelines before publishing it, however the responsibility and liability stays with you.

Is wondermags a publishing house?

No! wondermags is the perfect platform to earn money with one of your talents. When it comes to design and content you are completely free to create what you want (as long as you stay respectable and within the legal framework of our terms and conditions). Maybe we will give you some feedback regarding layout and content (because we all want the best possible wondermags in our kiosk), but basically you are free to write about what you want. #noboobs #nodickpics

Do you check my wondermag before publishing it?

Of course we will check every wondermag regarding our guidelines. An empty or insufficient wondermag will not be published and sent back to the author with a request to revise it.

How many wondermags can I publish?

Soooooooo many! As many as you like.

When do I have to publish a new wondermag?

First of all: You do not have to do anything. It is up to you when you publish. Generally, we advice authors to publish in regular intervals so that their readers know when to expect something new from them.

How many pages can a wondermag have?

As many as your creativity and content allow you to create. wondermags adapt for mobile devices, so you are not bound to a specific page sizes like an A4. The page can be as long as the content requires it to be. But in order to create a reading experience that is comparable to a magazine, it makes sense to spread your content on multiple pages. For example, you can put different articles on different pages and create a nice story line.

Which image formats are being supported?

At the moment we support .jpg, .gif and .png files. You can upload your images to use in your wondermags or search on Pixabay. All contents on Pixabay are released under Creative Commons CC0, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist - even for commercial purposes.

How can I use videos in my wondermags?

Currently you can only import videos from YouTube. If you would like to include your own videos you will need a YouTube account. Upload your videos to your YouTube channel and then import them into your wondermags. You can also search for YouTube videos directly from your media folder in the wondermags editor. Don't forget to set the videos for public viewing, otherwise your audience will not be able to see them.

How can I use audio in my wondermags?

Currently you can only import audio from SoundCloud, the world's largest music and audio platform. If you would like to include your own audio you will need an account on SoundCloud, upload them to your SoundCloud account and then import into your wondermags. You can also search for audio on SoundCloud directly from your media folder in the wondermags editor. Don't forget to set the privacy of your audio to public listening, otherwise you will not be able to import them.

Are there integrations with platforms like Wordpress and YouTube?

At the moment we have integrations with Pixabay (for images), YouTube (for videos) and SoundCloud (for audio). We will add other integrations as soon as possible.

I discovered a bug. How can I report it?

Nobody’s perfect. Not even wondermags. In case you find a bug while using the editor, you can e-mail us directly at Your feedback will go directly to our support team, that will take care of your issue. Your feedback is invaluable as you help us improve the editor.

Can I create a wondermags team account?

At the moment working on the same wondermag from different accounts is not possible. You can of course work on a wondermag from one single account. This means that you either need to create a specific account for your team (which can make sense if you are going to work together on a regular basis) or one of the team members takes on the role of editor and builds the wondermag with the content provided by the other team members.

Can I interact with other authors or my readers?

Yes! Your readers can rate and comment your wondermags and you can do the same for other authors.

How can I promote my wondermag on my website or blog?

After publishing your wondermag we will send you a confirmation e-mail with HTML code snippet. You can implement the code on your website or blog to have a pretty advertisement with the cover, title, author and description of your wondermag. It links directly to your wondermag in the kiosk.

Can I promote my wondermag on Facebook and Twitter?

Can you? You should! Everybody should know that you created something wonderful. After publishing your wondermag, you can share the link to your wondermag on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook it will show the cover and the description of your wondermag. You can also do the rounds on your other social media accounts, the more you promote your wondermag the greater your chances of hearing Ka-ching!

How do I know if people actually like my wondermag? Is there a rating-system?

Users that purchased your wondermag can rate and comment it afterwards. This allows you to get direct feedback from your readers. And of course you can answer them.

Can people download my wondermag from iTunes or the Google Playstore?

Nope, this is what we have our kiosk for – and of course it is a trillion times better – at least. Other readers will also find your wondermags on the kiosk giving your wondermags a great deal of visibility. The wondermags kiosk can be accessed at

FAQs for Payments

How can I earn money with wondermags? When is it Ka-Ching time?

60 days after the end of each month, you will get an overview of your sales and earnings. Based on this you get your share of 50% of the net revenue, if necessary plus VAT. The payment follows automatically after the overview and will be transferred to your PayPal account.

FAQs for Editor

Do you check my wondermag before publishing it? What are these different statuses about?

To give you a better overview about your many wondermags and their progress we added the new status system to our Editor Dashboard. There are now 7 different statuses for your wondermags:

  1. Draft: Your wondermag is still a work in progress and hasn’t been sent to review yet.
  2. Ready for submission: You finalized your wondermag and can now check it in the viewer. If you are happy with it, you can submit it to review and even have it published automatically upon approval from the top right options in the viewer.
  3. In review: We are reviewing your wondermag. While in review, your wondermag is blocked and can’t be worked on. We will review it as fast as possible. If you do wish to edit it whilst in review, the status will change back to Draft and the review process will be abandoned. No worries, you can repeat the process from the top again.
  4. Accepted: Wonderful. Your wondermag has been accepted and is now ready to be published.
  5. Accepted / Published in kiosk: Your wondermag has been published and can now be found in the kiosk. You can now access the publish details of your wondermag.
  6. Declined: Unfortunately your wondermag has been declined. Please check our suggestions and update your wondermag.
  7. Blocked: Your wondermag has been blocked, please check for further reasons.

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